Lucy believes that one of the key things to any pupil enjoying and progressing in a musical instrument is having a good teacher.  So many of Lucy’s contemporaries comment that they gave up the piano because their lessons were dull and they lacked a rapport with their teacher.   As with any academic or artistic subject it is the teacher’s role to develop interest and passion from their pupils and make lessons fun and engaging.

The piano is well known to develop coordination and motor skills in both children and adults. The rhythm element of music also assists with mathematical skills.  Lucy feels that most importantly playing music is a fabulous way to develop confidence in expressing emotion and artistic interpretation.

“Miss Lucy is by far the most creative, imaginative and patient teacher I know.  She always offers useful tips and guidance for the trickiest questions and makes learning so much fun!   Thank you for helping me achieve such a high mark in Grade 3 !”  Diana.

“It has been a pleasure to watch  my daughter get an education in music under Miss Lucy’s artful guidance.  Miss Lucy offers so much more than a piano lesson.  Along with a very high standard of teaching, she instills a lifelong love of music, allowing her students to be creative and explore a wide range of music.  She has an extremely positive and flexible approach.  My daughter adores Miss Lucy!  She passed her Grade 3 exam with a distinction after studying the piano for just over year!”.  Armine, mother of Diana

“Thank you so much for helping me achieve a distinction in my Grade 1 piano exam.  I love playing the piano especially with you.  You have  made me so confident and helped me so much.” Sebastian.

“We cannot believe the progress and enthusiasm that our nine year old son has shown since Miss Lucy has started to teach him piano.   He now plays with feeling and musicality.  Miss Lucy finds ways of inspiring him and gently coaching him in a positive way. He comes out of each lesson grinning!   Sebastian was so overjoyed to achieve a distinction in Grade 1 –  Thank you Miss Lucy!”    Yolanda, mother to Sebastian.

“Miss Lucy teaches you in a very nice way so that you never forget what you have been taught”  Saskia.

“Saskia is very enthusiastic about her lessons and has surprised me by how quickly she has progressed.  Thank you Miss Lucy for making learning the piano such a pleasurable experience for her”.   Sophia, mother to Saskia.


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