Adult lessons

Lucy really enjoys teaching adults who are either beginners, brushing up on past keyboard skills or developing their current skills.   Some parents of Lucy’s pupils book lessons so they understand how to support and guide their child in their practice at home.

Playing the piano is a wonderful way for adults to switch off the chattering mind, relax and get absorbed into playing.  It is also a great outlay for expression and a great hobby for an adult to master.

” Lucy is a very patient and encouraging teacher.  What I really enjoy about Lucy’s classes is that I always feel I’m progressing.  Lucy introduces all the technical aspects gradually while learning some fun pieces.  I’m now choosing sheet music to learn which I’m loving.    Practising the piano at home is a hugely rewarding experience particularly as it really helps me calm my frantic mind and focus.  The feeling of achievement when I can play a piece fluently is highly rewarding.   I highly recomend having lessons with Lucy”  Liz who started lessons as a beginner.

“I always look forward to my piano lessons with Lucy.  It is my time to switch off other work and juggling of children’s activities.  I love that feeling of achievement when I can play a new piece fluently.   I find it a highly rewarding and mindful hobby.” Charlotta.