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Unless you have the room for a piano and a relatively good budget I would always opt for a very good keyboard instead.  Should you wish to rent or buy a new or second hand piano then Knightsbridge Pianos have many in their display room to try out – this is based in Bagleys Lane in Fulham.  They also sell piano stools as well as digital pianos.

The Piano Tuner who I use is Richard Hayden Smith who is very professional and well priced.  Email richardhaydensmith@hotmail.co.uk or tel: 07796 265816.   He’s also an excellent jazz pianist. 

Keyboard Guidance

The more you spend the better sound you get and the touch becomes more like the weighted keys of a piano.  With all beginners I would suggest either borrowing a good keyboard or renting one first until you know you or your child will continue their passion for playing.  

You will also need a stand for some keyboards and the facility to plug in a sustain pedal (and earphones).  Also, sitting on a piano stool (that can be raised/lowered) is important so you sit at the correct height so your forearms and wrists are held parallel to the keyboard.

All keyboard prices below are from ABC Music who have now sadly moved to Esher in Surrey.

Please note full sized keyboards have 88 notes.

Yamaha NP31 – This has 6 octaves, 76 notes ( so not full size).  Price: £229

I would only advise buying this keyboard if your budget is small and looking at a short term investment only.     The keys are touch sensitive so you can play with dynamics.  It has the facility to plug in a pedal and earphones.

Yamaha P45 – This is a full size keyboard (88 notes)  Price: £349

It has weighted keys like a piano, touch sensitive so good for dynamics.  Although bulkier, it is still portable.  It has the facility to plug in a sustain pedal and headphones.  This is a much better long term investment especially for pianists aiming to prepare for piano examinations.

ABC Music also stock second hand and new digital Yamaha pianos.  Second hand models start at roughly £500 and new £659. 

I would not advise buying a second hand old Clavinova.  Many have very light weight keys and they are extremely bulky and heavy to move.   

Please check all the above information with ABC Music and always try out a keyboard before buying. 

I have also been informed by another piano teacher that Gear4Music is a good website offering one particularly well priced, good quality, full sized “Stage Piano” with touch sensitive, weighted keys similar to a Yamaha.

Gear4Music have advised me that this is an entry-level piano and closest to the Yamaha NP-range. However, the key action is a little more realistic than the Yahama NP-range as the latter have been described as being a bit ‘springy’ in their touch. The Gear4music ones are more wooden-feeling, and a little more realistic.  The sample quality and speaker quality on the Yamaha is a little superior, however. 

If you click on the link above you will see full details of this keyboard.  Sadly, they only sell on line as they do not have any shops so I have unable to try this piano out.

Local keyboard/piano and sheet music shops

Kensington Chimes  9 Harrington Road, South Kensington SW7 3ES

They have a good range of piano books and sheet music.

Ritz Music  88 Sheen Road, Richmond TW9 1UF Tel: 020 8332 1488

They recently moved from Putney sadly.  Their range of piano books/sheet music is not huge but they will happily order music for you.  Their Putney shop was small so I imagine this new shop is similar so they will not have keyboards on display.  They will always order a keyboard in for you though.

 Yahama Music London  152-160 Wardour Street, London, W1F 8YA

This used to be called Chappells of Bond Street.  I have not visited this shop since it changed address  but I can see from their website they have a great range of keyboards and pianos which you can try out….  It also has a very wide selection of sheet music and piano books.   For budding musicians I would advise visiting this shop to experience playing a range of different keyboards, digital pianos and proper pianos.    I bought my Yamaha piano from them. 

Piano Tuition Books & sheet music 

Most the piano tuition books I use are available from www.amazon.co.uk.  Alternatively Musicroom is a great online site which will send you books swiftly and you can also download digital sheet music online.
Another very good website to access sheet music and print off at home is www.musicnotes.com.
They have a huge range of sheet music at all levels which you can print off – you just choose the level you are and the key you wish the piece to be in.  They will also give you the chance to print off a sample sheet first and hear the piece before ordering and paying for.   Beware of using other sites as they can give you terrible computer viruses/bugs.

Piano Notebooks

This notebook is available on Amazon  

This is the notebook I use from Year 2 upwards (or for younger children who wish for more repertoire to learn each week as more space to write in) 

For younger children (Reception to Yr 2)  I would advise buying this smaller notebook as it has notes to colour in when your child practises which is available to order on line from the above link or Amazon.  It also has the music stave at the bottom of each page giving the teacher the option  to write in new or revised notes each week.

ABRSM have also published a Practice Notebook  for older children and adults preparing for examinations.  It is filled with useful hints and advice on practising.  It also has top tips from professional musicians and for preparing for exams.


Piano Stool

These are usually available to order or buy from the above piano shops.  Or look on Ebay or Gumtree.  Your local Streetlife or Preloved is also a great website where people offer things for free or very low prices that they no longer use.  ABC Music sell a range of different piano stools too.

Step for young pupils 

Precious Little One sell this Safety Wooden Step online.

Safety 1st Wooden 2 Step Stool

This keeps a young child’s posture correct while sitting at the piano which I highly recommend if you or your child’s feet do not reach the floor –   I use this step both at school and at home.  Sadly, plastic steps don’t work as they are not the right heights. 



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