Motivational Tools


In half term or school holiday try to introduce your child to a new musical experience which they will really enjoy and inspire them to play more.

Look into taking them to a local musical concert, a few lunch time concert in central London.  Alternatively, if you take them to a musical or ballet, encourage them to notice the orchestra in the pit and which instruments represent different characters, or themes.  Also notice how the orchestra is used when excitement or drama is being built up!

Take time with your child to listen to a professional pianist on YouTube.  Below is a link of a young protege, Alma Deutcher who should inspire your child!   She is not only a highly talented pianist but also violinist, singer and composer.  I have had the very fortunate experience of hearing her perform in a wonderful concert.

Try to listen to a range of different musical styles while on long journeys so your child can engage with classical, jazz and pop.  Ask your child why they liked a particular piece or song – was it the rhythm, the melody, or the instrument/s playing the piece?

Alternatively, choose a pop or rock star your child can relate to who sings and plays the piano.

Please also see my page on Tools and Apps for more information.