Lucy’s Approach


Lucy teaches on a lovely Yamaha piano in her home providing a relaxed, welcoming environment in which to hold lessons.   Lucy’s teaching style is patient, informal, fun and enthusiastic always putting the pupil at ease while maintaining high standards even for the earliest beginner.   She encourages her pupils to develop their technical skills alongside expression and musicality.

Lucy tailors her lessons according to the pupil’s age, ability and other artistic interests.  Having studied drama, art and ballet at school alongside music she encourages her pupils to understand in simple terms that music is very interlinked with other art forms.  For example, when introducing dynamics to a piece she compares it to adding splashes of colour and dramatic excitement so bringing the piece alive.  (A piece without dynamics or expression could be compared to a painting in black and white.  Similarly, a play that has no changes of mood or a character with no personality!)

At the beginning of Lucy’s teaching career Lucy discovered that young children’s tuition books vary in speed and introduce different aspects of reading music in an easier, more child-friendly way.  Lucy tailors her lessons to accommodate her pupils so they gain confidence and gain a great sense of achievement.  She loves to introduce a variety of repertoire which her pupils will know and really love playing.

Lucy’s pupils are also encouraged to develop their own interpretation of a piece.   By thinking about what or who the piece is about they then create their own idea of the character or scene in their imagination and portray this in their playing.

Lucy also incorporates music theory into her lessons in the form of fun musical puzzles.  This assists with note recognition and rhythm as well as the understanding of rudiments of music.  She also includes listening games in a fun way to enable her pupils to develop their aural skills.

Lucy aims for her pupils to find enjoyment and a sense of achievement in their music.   Children particularly develop confidence when playing at home in front of friends, family and performing at school.

Lucy has been delighted with some wonderful responses to her lessons and the rewarding Distinction results achieved by her pupils in their piano examinations.


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