Themed creative holiday clubs

“I love the themes of Miss Lucy’s clubs.  I’ve been to the Cats and Dogs and the Caribbean Club and loved both!  I really enjoyed learning Caribbean Calypso’s”   Ella, aged 9.

“I absolutely loved Miss Lucy’s Cats and Dogs Club!  If Miss Lucy does anything like that again I’d love to go!”  Alexander, aged 8.

Lucy’s intention with her themed clubs is to encourage children (even non instrumentalists) to take part in many different creative activities while learning something new about the topic.

Caribbean Club


The children had loads of fun trying out different unusual Caribbean instruments while Lucy taught them different rhythms including reggae and Caribbean calypso.  To assist them in their learning they listened to well known songs including the reggae legend Bob Marley as well as Bobby McFerrin, Aswad and Boney M.    Lucy guided the children to play these syncopated rhythms to famous Caribbean songs while DSC01849 accompanying them on the piano.  The children were also very enthusiastic about learning the words to these songs and singing in pairs.

Alongside the musical element, the children made brightly coloured Caribbean maracas/shakers which the children filled with a choice of lentils, popcorn kernels and dried peas.  They then had great fun shaking them rhythmically and singing along to some Caribbean                                                     songs.

Lucy also showed them some wonderful photographs of Caribbeans in full carnival dress so the children were inspired with ideas when making their own masks.  They decorated them with jewels and feathers and made them as colourful as possible! DSC01875

Having visited a Caribbean fruit market, Lucy was able to give the children the opportunity to taste exotic and delicious Caribbean fruits and learn their names.DSC01857

At the beginning of each morning Lucy showed the children some photographs of beautiful landscapes and interesting, exotic features of the Caribbean so they learnt more about the islands and their way of life.  The children enjoyed asking lots of questions and  discussed their own experiences there.

Lucy produced a fun Caribbean quiz for all the children to take part in.    She awarded themed prizes including coconut keyrings! On departure the children were dressed in their masks and singing the Caribbean Farewell Song!   Lucy was delighted with the children’s enthusiasm for her first club and the theme.

Cats and Dogs Club


The children had the opportunity to make dog hand puppets, cat and dog bookmarks as well other related fun crafts.  The children really enjoyed decorating dog bone shaped biscuits as well as Hello Kitty biscuits while listening to famous songs about cats and dogs!


e3d5f4003e15ca24e87faa0edd0c6473Miss Lucy also did a fun photo presentation showing unusual  breeds of cats and dogs.  The children had fun guessing their breed and finding out all about their unusual habits.

The children were delighted to win prizes when they took part in a quiz about the presentation.



Megan showing off her lovely decorated biscuits!

Miss Lucy was keen to teach the children also how to develop their drawing and sketching skills using proper sketching pencils.


  They enjoyed learning how to shade in different ways to create the look of fur and to make their cats and dogs look more three dimensional.


.  The children had many fabulous crafts and delicious biscuits to take home with them alongside their quiz prizes.


“I thought it was really creative and I learnt a lot about cats and dogs which is grea”
because we’re going to get a pet.  I loved all the activities, especially decorating the biscuits. ”
Matilda , Age 7
“I really enjoyed the photo presentation – I had never seen some of the cats and dogs before!”
Robbie, Aged 6

Caribbean with a Christmas Twist

display table with Basil from Mustique

This holiday club was held at Parsons Green Prep in Fulham.

Each morning the children were shown a colourful, powerpoint presentation with wonderful photos related to the Caribbean theme.  The children were given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about these beautiful islands, culture and music.

The children were very excited to discover they would be making carnival or pirates masks & caribbean shakers.


The children also had loads of fun making their own Treasure Island maps which had been stained with tea with burnt edges making them look very old.


They also loved the additional Christmas theme so were delighted to discover they would be decorating their own large candles using cutters and colourful wax sheets as well as decorating their own cookies with icing and baubles.


“Miss Lucy’s club was brilliant fun. I tasted mango and coconut and learnt where they came from.  We sang some lovely songs and best of all iced and decorated fish shaped biscuits!”  Lucinda aged 7

“I loved making the colourful maracas and shaking them!  It was such making different sounds using the other Caribbean instruments too!  Amna aged 7

“I loved singing the Caribbean Farewell Song…we got to sing in pairs, as well as altogether.  Can I come again please?” Salma aged 6



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